Welcome your friends with the proper entertainment system from DSTV Installation Strand

Your house is a representation of your style and taste. It is vital to equip your TV lounge with the proper gear to present it in front of outsiders. DSTV Installation Strand will help you achieve it.

DSTV Installation Strand

DSTV Installation Strand had made a policy that any DSTV installation will be done through a DSTV Installer. This policy is made to overcome any installation queries because these accredited installers do their work without any error.

DSTV installation will be a worthy add-on to your house as it offers many DSTV HD decoders that will enable your TV to do things that you have never imagined before.

DSTV Installation Strand has a DSTV HD Single view decoder that broadcast the channels in crystal HD resolution. With this decoder, you can turn your SD quality TV into HD.

DSTV also offers the Xtra View feature that you can add to view channels on multiple screens. It can be combined with any of the decoders of DSTV Installation Strand.

Mount your TV along with the DSTV Installation

DSTV Installers are also available to do TV mounting along with the DSTV Installation. They are capable of doing any work related to the TV, even the Wi-Fi Installation. 

DSTV Installation Strand will never leave its customers for the proper DSTV Installation. They arrange the accredited installers to provide the most comfortable feeling for the customer.

TV mounting is a technical task, and DSTV installers are experts in any of such task. Several processes should be carried out in DSTV Installation. 

Dish Installation is a critical task that every accredited installer of DSTV Installation Strand takes seriously. It involves the correct direction and dish alignment to catch the optimal signals.

How decoders increases the value of DSTV Installation?

DSTV Installation is incomplete without a proper decoder. Explora 3 is one of the best functioning decoders of DSTV Installation Strand. It provides an HD view with the capability to record while watching the other channel.

You can also take into account the capabilities of PVR, which is relatively an old decoder than Explora 3. HD PVR decoder will enable you to record your screen along with the Pause feature.

DSTV HD single View is a simple and budgeted decoder to view the HD channels by not spending the fortune.  

Why DSTV Box Office and Showmax are the real deal for DSTV Installation?

DSTV Installation is not all about decoders, but they also provide live streaming via the internet to compete with other services.

DSTV Box Office is a way to watch movies in a new fashion. It is a rental service for movies rather than purchase an entire movie.

Showmax lets you watch TV series without being a customer of DSTV. If you are a customer, then you can avail certain discounts.